Smart Sensor Kit : Scooters

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  • Thoughtfully designed Valve Installed TPMS Sensors for App-based Internal Tyre Pressure & Temperature Tracking
  • High Grade Polymer outer shell and industrial grade steel and aluminium alloy valve that withstands the toughest of terrains 
  • Special valves designed for every type of 2 Wheeler: Bikes, Scooters & Cruisers 
  • Fast Leak & Inflation Detection- A must have product to predict tyre-related risks & prevent accidents 
  • Wireless Connectivity with Range Up to 100 ft. from your bike 
  • 0-100 PSI range
  • -20°C to 100°C Range 
  • Clamp-in & Lock Safe System on the Valve 
  • Use Sensors in Sync with Smart Tyre Car & Bike App  
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  • Sensors – 2 Nos.
  • Battery Life – 5+ Years
  • Accuracy –   ± 2°C and ±1 Psi 
  • Product Warranty –  3 Years Product ‘Question Free’ Replacement 
  • Valve Type –  PVR 70 For Scooters


Step 1:

Pass the valve through the borehole and insert the clamp from the other side. Apply proper pressure using a spanner and tighten the valve.

Step 2:

Screw the sensor into the top of the stem using the Allen key. Use a torque wrench to hold the valve stem and maintain vertical position, then tighten the screw with adequate torque.

Follow detailed instructions given in the User Manual for DIY installation OR visit your nearest tyre care center for a quick installation.


What's in the Box?
  • 2 Clamp-in Valve Type TPMS sensors
  • A Quick Start User Guide