Advanced Wireless Tyre Sensors

Maximize safety, minimize expenses

Our highly-intelligent sensors monitor your tyres, helping you fix problems quickly and take
preventive measures wherever necessary.

Track tyre pressure and temperature in real time

  • Super-fast leak detection and inflation monitoring system
  • Internal sensors, installed on RIM, with stainless steel belt
  • Bluetooth range upto 100 ft
  • Measurement range: 0 to 100 psi, -20 to 100 ℃

Connected POD

Transform your car into a smart one

The connected pod helps you track the last location of your and your loved ones car, no matter where you are!
GSM connectivity also adds an extra layer of safety by sending you real time tyre-related alerts on the CARE360 App.

  • 24/7 Remote monitoring of your vehicle no matter where you are.
  • Tracks your vehicle’s last location
  • Easy DIY installation with OBD Y cable
  • Pre-installed GPRS-enabled SIM card

bike Kit

  • Includes 2 Low Energy Bluetooth-enabled TPMS sensors
  • CARE360 App (Available on iTunes and Play Store)
  • All sensors come with a guaranteed battery life of 5+ years


(Inclusive of all taxes)

car Kit

  • Includes 5 Low Energy Bluetooth-enabled
    TPMS sensors
  • CARE360 app (Available on iTunes and Play Store)
  • All sensors come with a guaranteed battery life of
    5+ years


(Inclusive of all taxes)

Connected car Kit

  • Includes 5 TPMS sensors and the CARE360 App
  • OBD POD with Y cable
  • 1 Year subscription free included
  • Annual subscription renewal 2nd year onward at INR 1200 / Year


(Inclusive of all taxes)

Download CARE360 and manage your vehicle for free

CARE360 tracks and sends timely reminders on fuel consumption, mileage covered, vehicle expenses, tyre rotation schedules, insurance renewals, servicing sessions due; while safely storing all data on vehicle activity and performance.

A dependable guide even in unfamiliar territory

Travelling to a new destination and wondering if your stepney needs to be changed? Or have you been advised to rotate tyres? Either way, TREEL Personal will be your guide with helpful tips and directions.

Cut down on expenses, extend vehicle life

Maintaining optimal tyre pressure leads to less fuel consumed and more money saved. CARE360 also helps you get the best out of your vehicle with timely maintenance tips. Bonus point? If your vehicle is in top shape, you’re also keeping pollution in check.

Keep an eye on your vehicle, even when it’s out of sight

Wondering where the valet takes your car? Put your mind to rest with TREEL- the app lets you remotely monitor your vehicle and know its location and other relevant details at all times.

Don’t let flat tyres ruin your busy schedule

Get regular updates on tyre pressure, inflation and air leaks – TREEL Personal detects even the smallest leak, helping you fix it before it leads to a flat tyre.

Cruise down highways, without tyre breakdowns

Overheated tyres can burst leading to serious consequences. TREEL helps you avoid tyre bursting accidents by sending real-time alerts on tyre temperature.

Don’t get what you pay for. Get more.


FAQs for Cars and Bikes

  • Why install any TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring system) at all ?Vehicle tyres have a lot more importance than one would think – tyres with low pressure drink up more fuel; and can also cause accidents. Plus, overheated tyres can lead to accidents caused by tyre bursts. By installing a device that constantly monitors your tyre temperature and pressure, you ensure maximum safety and savings for you and your family.
  • Why TREEL ?TREEL TPMS is not just a TPMS – it’s a comprehensive Tyre Protection & Maintenance System. Our TPMS not only measures your tyre pressure and temperature, it also alerts you to the smallest pressure leak, while helping you maintain your tyre and vehicle, ensuring maximum performance, safety and savings.

Where there is a Wheel, We have a Safer Way!