Your Tyre Health is a Direct Indicator of the health of your Vehicle, Family & Wallet

Have you ever thought that your vehicle tyres could bear a direct connection with the health of your vehicle, family, and wallet?


Then consider this aspect of tyre care:

  • About 738 people died on the road due to tyre-related accidents in 2017 as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA). Such incidents could have been avoided through smart tyre sensors and car care technology.
  • Properly inflated tyres can save you nearly 11 cents per gallon (approximately Rs. 8 per 3 litres) on your fuel expenses. Given the steep climb by fuel prices, every bit counts.
  • Tyre maintenance can extend your tyre life by 4,700 miles, which cuts down the prospective cost of new tyres and improves vehicle mileage.

Do you see a connection now? We bet you do!

In a nutshell, your tyre health plays a crucial role in your vehicle and personal safety. And an affordable TPMS, along with some all-important maintenance basics, can immediately solve this present predicament and make your tyres smart, keep your family secure, and prevent your wallet from being empty! Let Mr TREEL show you how.

How to Protect Your Tyres: Mr TREEL’s 5 Pillars of Tyre Maintenance

Mr TREEL wishes to keep you, your family, and your bank balance safe. And for this, you should give due importance to the following five core components of tyre care:

Tyre Pressure

Humans may work best under pressure, but tyres need just the right kind! ~ Mr TREEL

Tyre pressure is, by far, the most critical aspect of tyre care. It can directly affect the durability, safety, performance, and fuel consumption of your vehicle. Hence, for better car protection, Mr TREELl suggests you check the tyre pressure of all tyres each month, including your spare.

Inspect your tyres when they are “cold”, that is, they haven’t been driven for at least three hours. You can find the ideal tyre inflation pressure, measured in PSI, as a label on your vehicle or in the owner’s manual. Roughly, your tyre loses about 1 PSI per month, and this rate may increase due to external weather conditions.

Fortunately, you can bypass the manual checking by investing in smart tyres. Smart tyres come equipped with Bluetooth TPMS or tyre pressure monitoring systems. The TPMS sensors continuously monitor and measure the pressure in the tyres. Thanks to these wireless TREEL sensors, users can access this data through a tyre care app and learn about regular maintenance and critical failure.

Tyre Tread

Before you go zipping through the roads, make sure your tyres are gripping these roads! ~ Mr TREEL

Tyre tread depth determines the traction and the gripping action that prevents the vehicle from slipping or sliding while on the road. If your tyre tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch, then perhaps it’s time for a replacement.

Also, Mr TREEL recommends being on the lookout for any cuts or visible damage that can cause your tyres to deflate when overspeeding, making them susceptible to blowouts.

Balance and Alignment

Balancing work, life, health, fitness, diet, etc. may be too hard. Tyres – not so much. ~ Mr TREEL

Have a trained mechanic carry out the wheel balancing and wheel alignment care of your vehicle to increase the tyre life cycle

Tyre balancing helps in wheel rotation and prevents your vehicle from vibrating or shaking during operation. On the other hand, wheel alignment gives you better control and ensures your vehicle traverses along a straight path until you explicitly manoeuvre it.

Tyre Rotation

You (should) spin my head right round, right round. ~ Mr TREEL

Tire rotation prevents the irregular wear and tear of your tyres, which could be a result of their placement. For instance, your front tyres are more likely to wear out sooner than the rear tyres. Tyre rotation also improves fuel efficiency and increases the tyre life cycle.

Vehicle owner manuals contain the prescribed rotation pattern and the frequency of tyre rotation. Rotate your tyres roughly after every 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres or after every six months. 

But be cautious, says Mr TREEL—certain vehicles may recommend against tyre rotation due to different types of tyres in the front and the back.

Tyre Size

You need the rim size, just as you would need a ring size! ~ Mr TREEL

While you can increase your tyre’s lifespan, you cannot use it indefinitely. Therefore, if there is visible damage or signs of wear on the treads or sidewalls, it’s best to replace them. Remember to purchase new tyres that are the same make and size as the original tyre. If you are unsure about the size, Mr TREEL suggests consulting a tyre dealer to make the right pick.

Mr TREEL’s Tyre Safety Tips

Remember, prevention is better than cure!

The best form of tyre burst protection is care and maintenance. When you care for your tyres by following these tips, installing a reliable wireless TPMS, and getting the TREEL CARE mobile app, you travel with your in-house car insurance!

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