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Why Switch To A Computerized Fleet Management System

Managing a fleet is no easy task, given the complex checks and maintenance requirements it needs. Most organizations are currently using outdated and legacy systems to manage this process. These systems heavily depend on manual entries and end up costing heavily to the company. This is where a computerized fleet management system can add great value and time savings. It can gather crucial information about your fleet and provide vital information like the last date you did thorough maintenance. 

A computerized fleet management system or software can give you real-time locations, track expenses, and give you an overview of the essential data that keeps your fleet running, such as tyre pressure or temperature using special sensors. 

Best of all, an enterprise fleet tyre management system reduces the tyre and vehicle maintenance costs while maximizing returns by providing added safety measures and monitoring.

Know more about the four ways a fleet management system adds value to your life: 

1. Fuel Monitoring and Tracking with help of Fleet Management System

Fuel monitoring is the optimal requirement for large fleets and logistics technology. Given that it incurs expenditure, fuel refilling and tracking are currently done manually, hard to track. Fleet management systems efficiently track and monitor fuel refilling frequency while automating the process using digital tools, lowering the need for manual entries and maintenance.

2. Optimized Maintenance

A stitch in time saves nine, which is very apt for managing a fleet of vehicles. With proper maintenance and safety checks, fleets can maximize productivity and reduce risks. This process includes tyre inventory management, wheel alignment, oil changing, and other necessary truck and car requirements. Fleet management software makes it simple to track this information as it is available digitally, with the option to provide alerts in advance.

3. Warranty and Insurance Tracking

Staying on top of warranty and insurance is directly tied to your fleet’s overall efficiency and safety. But since this information is easy to miss out on, fleet owners risk paying out of pocket for major insurance-related expenses. Fleet management software enables the organization to keep track of the vehicle’s warranty at any time for replacement or maintenance, savings large sums of unnecessary costs.

4. Predictive Measures for Added Safety

Fleet management solutions help organizations keep track of maintenance and safety measures, such as monitoring the tyre air pressure and maintenance. A smart tyre is equipped with special sensors to share real-time information on the tyre pressure, air leaks, worn-out treads, or other unforeseen issues. This enables the driver to take preventive actions while enabling remote maintenance and management. 

Final Take

Looking for a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in India? Well, Mr TREEL has some good news for you! TMaaS (Tyre Management as a Service) is a comprehensive cloud-based mobile and web application that uses smart Bluetooth tyre sensors to provide real-time alerts and updates on tyre pressure and other checks.

This integrated TPMS app is fantastic for fleet management as it provides automated real-time data on tyre care and health. TMaaS also features cloud-based data storage to ensure you can effectively monitor your fleet.

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