Stay Safe: Prevent Car Skidding & Hydroplaning | Monsoon Tips

Tips to avoid car skidding and hydroplaning this Monsoon

While driving in the rainy season, have you ever felt that you are losing control over your vehicle or it has suddenly started skidding? Such situations most likely occur because of hydroplaning. 

Check out the tips that help you understand, handle or avoid hydroplaning-like situations. 

Hydroplaning:- Understanding what exactly happens.

Hydroplaning (Skidding) is a risky driving condition when the vehicle tyres start riding on the film on the water surface and lose contact with the road beneath. It also reduces the driver’s ability to control the vehicle by steering or braking. 

Hydroplaning is a phenomenon that is also known as ‘aquaplaning.’ It usually happens in the Monsoon when a lot of water gets logged on the road. 

3 crucial factors that contribute to Hydroplaning

1. Vehicle Speed:-

       Vehicle tyres require adequate time to evacuate the water between the treads and the road surface. The vehicle’s higher speed gives less time for the water to evacuate, and the car goes out of control. Depending on the tyre tread depth, pattern and the amount of waterlogging on the road, hydroplaning can happen at speeds as low as 40 mph. 

Taking it slow on wet roads is the key to avoiding getting into a tricky situation like hydroplaning. 

2. Depth of Tyre Tread:-

Tread depth is one of the crucial factors that lead to the skidding of the vehicle. Worn-out tires are more likely to cause hydroplaning as they have less ability to resist skidding. 

Replacing vehicle tyres at regular intervals is a way to avoid hydroplaning.  

3. Depth of the Water:-

  In the deeper water, your vehicle tyres may lose traction immediately. Avoid driving through the puddles or standstill water during the rainy season.

Ways to avoid Hydroplaning

  • Maintain adequate tyre-pressure 

       Make sure your vehicle tyres are accurately inflated and maintain the required tyre-pressure. Over or underinflated tyres mean your vehicle’s tyre surface is not touching the road at the optimal level as it should be. 

Use TREEL’s 5-star rated advanced tyre technology to get real-time updates about tyre pressure and temperature and prevent accidents. 

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  • Rotate tyres and replace when required 

   Rotating your vehicle tyres regularly will prevent uneven tread wear, which could cause hydroplaning if your tyres stop flushing out the water effectively. 


  • Avoid puddles and standing water 

    Control your vehicle speed on wet surfaces or avoid taking your car through standing water as it increases the chances of skidding and accidents. 


  • Use best quality tyres 

 Choose the best quality tyres designed or prepared to handle the hydroplaning very well and give maximum control to the vehicle’s driver.

Final take:- 

The rainy season brings unforeseen risks with it and it is essential to keep yourself and your co-passengers safe on the move. Upgrade your vehicle tyres with TREEL safety and enjoy hassle-free journeys. 

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