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TPMS 101: What it is; how it works and its importance – TREEL

Does Tyre Pressure Monitoring System guarantee that you will be spared from road accidents? Not sure because there are many reasons for road accidents, and the problem with tyres is one of them. According to reports, tyre-related problems caused 40,000 accidents, 33,000 injuries and over 650 deaths in a year. But if you use TPMS, you will definitely stay away from tyre-related accidents. Apart from that, there are other benefits of using TPMS in your vehicle, But first, let’s understand what TPMS is and how it works. 


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a tyre performance and maintenance system that can be installed in your vehicle’s tyre. This system contains a sensor that measures the tyres air pressure . The air pressure sensors are attached to the tyre’s rim. And the alerts regarding deflection in tyre pressure are notified. When you install TREEL’s TPMS, you will be notified on your phone whether the tyres are inflated or not. TREEL’s app notifies the driver with a flat tyre warning light. This means the tyre is not at its proper inflation. That may be due to tyre or valve damage, but the tyre needs to be repaired anyway. TREEL’s sensors ensure the tyre does not reach a dangerous level of deflation. Deflation in the tyre results in further damage to the tyre, the rim, and even the TPMS unit if you are not careful. Now, You are probably wondering how these systems work.

TPMS Working

Direct TPMS and Indirect TPMS are two different types of systems used today.

Direct TPMS

In this system, the sensor is mounted on the wheel, which measures the air pressure in each tyre. When air pressure drops 25% below the value set by the manufacturer, the sensor transmits this information to your system. 


Indirect TPMS

This system works with your car’s Antilock Braking System (ABS). When the pressure of one tyre is low, the wheel spins at a different speed than the other inflated wheel. This information is detected by your system. 

TPMS helping you out

Apart from that, properly inflated tyres add greater stability, better handling and braking efficiencies. This improves drivers safety. In addition, inflated tyres provide environmental efficiency. A report suggests that under-inflated tyres release over 26 billion kilograms of unnecessary carbon-monoxide pollutants directly into the earth’s atmosphere every year.

The TPMS eliminates guesswork by notifying you when a vehicle is low on air or flat. TPMS can also warn you of existing or impending problems with your vehicle. This knowledge can not only help prevent accidents, but also improve your fuel mileage. All of these reasons make TPMS beneficial. Now the question is, which TPMS is better for you?


Most Trusted TPMS

TREEL is India’s most trusted TPMS provider. TREEL provides TPMS for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Here are a some reviews from our happy customers –

“TPMS is really a life-saving tool for Indian roads. TREEL TPMS is really a great product that I have installed in all my cars. Even after the sale service of the TREEL team is very responsive. I recommend to all safety-conscious guys to go for it” – Narendra Kirar

“Very good product. Easy to install, accurate tyre pressure. Most recommended product for every two-wheelers rider.” – Amit Baidya 

“I have been using the TPMS on my Harrier for almost a year now, and the system has been performing quite well. It’s accurate almost all the time and has only seen a difference of +/- 1 psi, which is too rarely. It works seamlessly with the android app. syns well. Would definitely recommend.” – Danny


And many more. Check out this link to get to know about the products.

All Your Questions Answered About TPMS?



Q. Is the TREEL sensor suitable for a tubeless tyre?

Ans. Yes, these sensors are specifically made for tubeless tyres and can be fitted on any size of tyres from 14″ to 18″.

Q. If the Valve is replaced, how can the TREEL sensor be refixed?

Ans. You can connect toll-free number 1800 833 0233, and the team will make sure that Valve will be available for you as an accessories purchase. But we are sure you won’t need it. Also, the TREEL team is working on making accessories available online for purchase.

Q. Does TREEL’s app work with iPhones?

Ans. Yes, the app works with iPhone seamlessly as the sensor connects to the display device and will show all the alerts on your device.

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