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What makes TREEL TPMS+HUD smart & must-have car essential

Have you ever faced a situation where you find it difficult to check the vehicle alert notifications on your phone while trying to drive? If yes, here’s the one-stop solution for you. 

TREEL’s In-Cabin Car Display simplifies the driving experience by displaying important alerts and information so drivers can focus on the road while checking the data simultaneously. 

Our HUD keeps you alert and aware even when the phone is not in front of you.  This TPMS+HUD is a small LED Panel display that can be fixed on the car dashboard and displays all-important vehicle diagnostics on the go.

Understand the device better

Understand the device better
Understand the device better
Understand the device better

Features that make TREEL TPMS + Hands-free Display Gen-next Device

  • Real-time alerts about tyre pressure, temperature and air leaks on your car dashboard  
  • Helps you ensure if everything is OKAY before you start to drive 
  • App-based Internal Tyre Pressure & Temperature Tracking System
  • Fast Leak & Inflation Detection
  • A solar-powered accessory with Internal battery backup of 20+ Days 
  • No Wiring Required– Just Sync the accessory with your Smart Sensors & Use 
  • No Mobile Required, Personalised Wake Up Screen Available for hassle-free experience  
  • Provides real-time alerts on your dashboard with a buzzer sound while driving 
  • LCD TFT display for clear visibility 
  • USB charging in case of Low light days
  • 0-100 PSI range
  • -20°C to 100°C Degree Range
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 

Quick & Easy Installation

Here are steps for DIY installation. 

  • STEP 1:

Pass the valve through the borehole and insert the clamp from the other side. Apply proper pressure using a spanner and tighten the valve.

  • STEP 2:

Screw the sensor into the top of the stem using the Allen key. Use a torque wrench to hold the valve stem and maintain the vertical position, then tighten the screw with adequate torque.

  • STEP 3:

Place the HUD on the dashboard and switch on. Open the mobile app and sync the detected HUD with your sensors.

  • STEP 4:

To activate the display switch on the car and wait for the HUD to detect vibration of the vehicle to display the tyre health metrics

Final Take 

Mr. TREEL says precaution is better than cure. The HUD is a powerful tool to provide drivers with real-time and essential information about vehicles to make the journeys hassle-free and safe. 

Try our Hands-free in cabin Display to make sure everything is Okay before you start to drive.

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