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How will India benefit from a TPMS Car or Bike Kit?

Maintaining your vehicle is vital to ensure that it’s in good shape to drive. Your car or bike can give you the best performance possible as long as you keep a constant check on its tyres. Moreover, it makes your vehicle safer on the road.

However, while manual checks are necessary, your automobile can benefit from the added safety and management of technological solutions. To understand how, let’s first dive deep into the interaction between Indians and their vehicles.

Assessing Driver-Vehicle Relationships in India

The State of Road Travel in India

Over the past few years, there has been a considerable amount of growth in road travel in India. More than 60% of the Indian population uses a personal or shared vehicle for its commute. Thanks to improved roads and the use of technology in transportation, commercial travel has also increased, and with it, the wear and tear of tyre treads.

Since the tread is responsible for maintaining a grip on the road, checking your tyres, especially before long road trips, has become necessary for a smooth ride

The Rising Importance of Fuel Economy

With the cost of petrol soaring every day, people are becoming more cautious about their fuel habits. There are many possible reasons that contribute to excess petrol usage, including significantly under-inflated tyres. This has led to drivers ensuring that there is no reduction in their vehicle’s tyre pressure before they go for a drive.

Road Accidents

Road accidents due to overspeeding, bumps in the road, loss of balance, and dysfunctional tyres led to around 151,000 deaths in 2019 in India. Tyres that are not inflated to the right level can cause tyre blowouts and compromise the safety of the driver as well as other neighbouring vehicles on the road. 

Moreover, road crashes cost India about INR 1.4 crore due to infrastructure damage, medical bills, and more. Accidents also delay world trade and transportation – consider the recent Suez Canal incident that led to $9 billion worth of losses per day!

These prominent trends in India illustrate clearly that vehicle safety – and, more specifically, tyre protection – is the need of the hour. So what’s the solution?

Introducing New-Age Safety Technology

New-age safety technology is a vital development in the automobile industry that enhances road safety, reduces accidents and fuel consumption, and improves the overall performance of your vehicle. Some tech features to have hit the market in recent years include speed sensors, digital car keys, and auto emergency braking.

Other safety upgrades, such as tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and on-board diagnostics (OBD), can also benefit personal and commercial vehicles. 

What Is TPMS?

A TPMS tells you the pressure of each tyre in your car or bike. It consists of smart tyre sensors that attach to each of your wheels and constantly monitor the pressure. If a tyre’s pressure is low, the pressure sensors send an alert to a vehicle care app on your mobile. The Bluetooth TPMS also gives updates on your vehicle’s battery life and tyre temperature.

What Is OBD?

The OBD is an in-built system that gives you data about your vehicle, such as speed, frequency of braking, fuel consumption, and other metrics. The OBD can transmit the data to a web or mobile app via a connected pod. This allows car and fleet owners to track their vehicle location as well as performance

Why Should You Trust TREEL?

TREEL stands out from other competitors because it believes in providing high-tech solutions and the best quality products to everyday drivers. Acquired by renowned brand JK Tyre, the company strives to protect every Indian on the road by making accurate and intelligent tyre sensors available for personal use in India.

Through its products, TREEL raises awareness about the importance of keeping your tyres properly inflated, which can drastically minimise the chances of accidents and prolong tyre life.

TREEL offers comprehensive TPMS kits for cars and bikes that connect seamlessly to the TREEL Care Mobile App, making it easy to monitor your tyres on the go. The products come with a warranty of 6 years; plus, it is made in India and is for India.

You can explore more innovative products on TREEL and reach out for a demo

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