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How Tyre Management Software Is Impacting Trucking Businesses

When it comes to the trucking industry, tyres are the costliest consumables second to fuel. As such, an efficient tyre management software or system could be key to cost-effective fleet management.

These software applications allow fleet managers to monitor and regulate your tyre health – right from purchase to disposal. Prolonging your tyre’s lifecycle can be an excellent setup for improving your bottom line, maintaining vehicular mileage, and increasing profitability. 

In this post, we will be taking a look at how tyre management software is impacting the trucking business.

Impact of Tyre Management Software on the Trucking Industry

The trucking sector is undergoing process streamlining via tyre management software in the following ways:


1. Improved Fleet Management

Tyre management software lays the foundation for improved fleet management through preventive maintenance and curative action. As one actively monitors their tyre health, they can make smarter decisions regarding the safety of every vehicle per ride.

Similarly, when adversity strikes, it is easier to identify the reason behind the incident and address it immediately. With this two-pronged approach, managers can stay ahead of their fleet health and requirements simultaneously.

2. Reduced Operational Costs

Since tyre management software extends tyre lifecycles, it cuts down on the associated operational costs. You can now extract maximum value from tyres and check their status before despatch. Considering that tyres account for nearly a third of the fleet maintenance budgets, such consideration can contribute to significant savings.

3. Fleet Digitisation

Tyre management software is only a single component of an integrated fleet management system. By digitising tyre management, one can set up the pillar for the complete digitisation of the fleet, one element at a time. And even if you plan to reserve it in a distant pipeline, adopting data for tyre management is an excellent place to start.

4. Proactive Preventive Maintenance

Tyre management software can update the fleet manager regarding the tyre status, such as the kilometre limit of the tyre, wheel alignment and balancing status, existing wear and tear, tread depth, and other such metrics.

Through these observations, the fleet manager can carry out preventive maintenance activities such as the retreading or replacement of tyres. Hence, it introduces a layer of preventive maintenance.

5. Improved Driver Behaviour

A digital tyre management system can contribute to responsible driver behaviour in two ways. 

First, as mentioned previously, it makes the driver or fleet manager an active party to the preventive maintenance of assets, which elongates tyre life, improves productivity, and extracts maximum value.

Plus, the software maintains a record of the status of the tyres. Thus, it can combat any form of fraudulent activities, such as drivers selling off newly installed tyres to make a quick buck. Such a transparent system will instil accountability, allowing the driver to act responsibly.

6. High ROI

The cumulative action of all the above factors introduces greater operational efficiency and extends the vehicular life. Plus, it leaves ample room for setting up a full-fledged digital fleet management system that can further plug in any form of revenue leakages. All in all, it offers impressive ROI in more ways than one.

How TREEL Ensures Tyre Safety?

TREEL employs high-end sensor-based technologies, such as TPMS, to monitor tyre health and offer real-time updates. These data inputs are then captured and displayed over our highly functional, integrated dashboard that allows fleet managers to keep an eye on multiple vehicles at the same time. 

You can use the all-in-one platform to comfortably track each and every tyre within the fleet, along with their real-time status. Coupling a digital management system with tyre inventory management would result in the perfect recipe for tyre performance management. Mr TREEL believes that investing in such a technology is setting the base for improving efficiency without compromising on vehicular health.

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