How to Save Big on Tyre Costs for Your Business With a Smart Mobile App

Monitoring tyre pressure is the need of the hour. An interesting study by the U.S. Department of Transportation revealed that roughly 28% of vehicles run with at least one under-inflated tyre! 

Incorrect tyre pressure can wear your tyres out faster and cause your trucks and tempos to get into accidents. Imagine the losses your enterprise would incur due to situations like the tumbling of trucks carrying raw materials, overspeeding with incorrect tyre pressure, or legal battles due to tyre burst-related accidents!

Incorrect tyre pressure also leads to higher fuel consumption, which means higher business expenditure. 

That’s why TREEL’s smart tyres are an efficient solution.  

Read on to find out what TREEL can do for your enterprise. 

Organise | Analyse | Excel With TREEL Enterprise

With passing time, there is an inflation in the prices of the raw materials used to manufacture tyres. The tyre diameters have also become larger than before – not to mention the hefty vehicle duties and taxes you have to pay for your fleet that has an ever-evolving range of operation.

These factors are out of the enterprise’s control. But what is in control is managing tyre pressure that increases your tyres’ lifespan and ensures effective tyre maintenance. You also save on total cost per mile with tyre-to-road optimal traction and friction. 

TREEL Enterprise can help you manage your fleet better. The cloud-based service uses a mobile and desktop application called TMaaS, which is synced with smart Bluetooth-enabled, low-energy TREEL TPMS sensors for your fleet’s tyres. TREEL’s tyre management software not only maximises returns but also ensures the safety of your drivers.

Why Should You Use TREEL?

  • Save more fuel per kilometre with optimal tyre pressure.
  • Get real-time tyre temperature alerts in one click to prevent tyre bursts and premature wear-and-tear of your fleet’s tyres.
  • Maximise returns and ensure efficient utilisation of your organisation’s transportation and logistics budgets.
  • Ensure the safety of your goods, drivers and vehicles at all times.
  • Get ahead of the competition with the SAP HANA 5-based TMaaS app and TREEL’s smart low-energy Bluetooth sensors that equip you for the 21st century.
  • Make better, data-driven decisions with a visual dashboard that gives you a real-time overview of your fleet. Improve tyre lifecycle management and tyre performance monitoring (with manual tread depth entry) with comprehensive reports.
  • Get seamless, centralised data integration between hubs, depots, pit stops and the control desk.
  • Receive real-time alerts right at your control desk in case of a tyre change, air leak or other suspicious activities with Single View Tyre Management. You can also improve the hierarchy management within your organisation for alerts and escalation matrix.
  • With TREEL ID tags, you can track your fleet’s location around the globe, in real-time without the need for physical proximity.
  • Customise TREEL Enterprise for your organisation’s needs on-demand. Automate and evolve by replacing spreadsheets and docs that are prone to human error.
  • Make use of advanced, real-time inventory management feature with TREEL ID tag sensors and boost productivity in TMaaS web.
  • Use a powerful but easy to adopt and integrate software that has a subscription-based model.
  • Get immediate assistance in case of highway accidents with Fleet Connect.

Every organisation’s work process is now being strengthened by technology. How do you ensure that you get ahead of the competition? Small things matter. Using TREEL Enterprise’s TMaaS allows you to make smart choices. 

TREEL Enterprise ensures that you are on top of preventive maintenance for your fleet’s tyres. You can optimise your fleet operations through visual dashboards that help extract actionable insights. These real-time performance reports for your fleet help in efficient monetisation. 

Empower Your Enterprise!

Experience what TREEL Enterprise can do for your organisation. Go digital with TREEL’s tyre management app and smart Bluetooth TPMS sensors. It also keeps track of servicing sessions and sends renewal reminders to make the process hassle-free. So no more downtime, lower tyre expenditure and better safety! Go for it!

Quick Tip From Mr Treel: Preventive tyre maintenance is the key to efficient fleet management. If you want zero downtime and no tyre-related accidents, use a tool that allows you to constantly monitor the health and performance of your fleet’s tyres.

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