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How To Manage Tyre Inventory Better?

In any fleet, the expenses incurred in managing the tyres of the entire fleet are typically the most expensive, second only to the cost of fuel that is incurred. Traditional tyre pressure monitoring systems are heavily dependent on manual inspections, and that may not always prove to gain the right results.

With proper tyre management software, not only is it possible to maintain an online check on your tyres, but you can also gain insights on tyre health and get real-time updates for your entire fleet.

Here is a look at how digital fleet tyre management adds wonders to your operations:

Tyre Monitoring Challenges Faced By Enterprises

The major issues that enterprises usually face when it comes to fleet tyre management are as follows:

1. Manually Checking Tyre Pressure and Health for an Inventory Is Difficult

Tyre pressure and health are often monitored using timely checks. Thus, if there are serious issues that may have occurred between these checks, they are often overlooked. Not addressing these problems on time can lead to a decline in tyre performance and shelf life.


2. Managing Inventory Can Be Time-Consuming

Although managing tyre inventory is a major challenge, there is no quick fix to this. Often, there is a misalignment of logistics, meaning the safety stock is in low volumes or not available when needed. Additionally, existing inventory deteriorates with time and needs to be tracked to ensure its services and fleet. Doing this manually is a huge challenge.

3. Prone to Errors and Risks Due to Tyre Health Being Overlooked

The competitive conditions and fast-paced turnaround time means the most diligent of processes are often overlooked. Preventive tyre checks can take up just a few minutes and help save a lot in the long run.

However, these are often overlooked, as fleets are focused more on deliveries and other tasks, giving preventive checkups of the vehicle a lower priority. In many cases, these errors get noticed only when it is too late, possibly resulting in delays – or worse, tyre-related accidents.

Technology to the Rescue: Managing Tyre Inventory Using an Automated Platform

Can you imagine a world where your fleet’s tyres communicated with your inventory systems? You could get timely alerts and updates on upcoming checks, enabling you to manage your inventory smoothly. It seems like a fairytale, right?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) can enable your organization to do just that. Using advanced BlueTooth or IoT sensors fitted inside the tyre, you can check vital information on tyres like temperature, air pressure and get alerts if there are any issues with the performance.

This means you can save on downtime and even get real-time assistance during breakdowns. From air leaks and worn-out threads to any other unforeseen issue – the tyre management app provides accurate information. Plus, you can easily track this information in a single dashboard. 

How TREEL Makes Tyre Monitoring a Breeze!

In the digital era, TMaaS or Tyre Management as a Service helps you monitor and get real-time alerts on your fleet’s tyres. This helps to stay on top of the safety of your vehicles, goods, and drivers.

The TREEL Sensor is a smart low energy BlueTooth sensor that easily works with your fleet’s tyres and can be easily monitored via your smartphone or the web browser using JK Connect.

Quick Tip From Mr TREEL: While a real-time tyre pressure monitoring system sends alerts, preventive tyre maintenance is the best way to keep your tyres healthy! Monitor your tyre’s health and performance and make sure you service it properly for no downtime, and minimizing the risks of tyre-related accidents.

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