How to Check Car Tyre Air Pressure with a Mobile App?

How to Check Car Tyre Air Pressure with a Mobile App

Car tyre air pressure  problems are no laughing matter as they contribute directly to the vehicle’s performance and safety. Usually, people don’t maintain their vehicle tyres, resulting in significant accidents. According to a recent survey,  India has roughly 78,000 crashes related to tyre burnout each year. And that is why it becomes essential to maintain the vehicle’s tyre. To your surprise, there is one simple and effective hack to maintain your vehicle’s tyre. And by using this hack, you can also increase your tyre’s life span. But first, let’s discuss the most common types of tyre-related problems.



Over-inflated tyres harden the vehicle handling, and that’s because the contact between the road and the tyre’s tread is obstructed. The more you inflate the tyre, the harder it is for the tyre’s tread to establish a grip on the road. Over-inflated tyres experience more stress which results in their distorted structure. This also shortens the tyre’s lifespan. By looking at your tyre’s wear patterns, you can tell if it’s overinflated or not. If the centres of your tyres are particularly worn down, you must know that the tyre is experiencing overinflation.


Under inflation

Under-inflated tyres have a significant contribution to a tyre burst. Not just that, but these are a couple of issues you may need help with when your tyre is under-inflated.

  • An increased risk of understeering, which can lead to collisions
  • Poor handling and difficulty performing precise manoeuvres
  • More prone to general wear and tear
  • An increased risk of punctures


Cracking and bulging

They usually take place due to sloppy driving habits or if your vehicle’s tyre hits the pothole or kerb repeatedly. Also, if your tyre is under or over-inflated, you may face this problem. That’s why it is always recommended to maintain the tyre’s air pressure, as it solves most of the tyre-related issues. Whenever you see a major cut in the tyre, it is advisable to replace it.


The Common Solution

By now, you must have observed that tyre-related problems could be easily solved by maintaining the tyre’s air pressure. And that is where the concept of smart tyres came into the picture. A company like jk tyre observed the common pattern of accidents due to tyre burnouts and found a solution. The parameters for their research were roads and the environment. They found out a smart tyre could solve all the tyre-related problems. A smart tyre can provide optimal fuel economy, maintain optimal tyre pressure and give warning signs every time there is a fluctuation in tyre pressure. Let’s find out how smart tyres can help you.


A Smart Tyre: Car Tyre Air Pressure 

A smart tyre has sensors that can monitor tyre wear. Not only that, you can easily access the tyre data and tell if the tyre is underinflated or overinflated. And whenever there is an increase in the inside temperature of the tyre, you get an early warning. This becomes important because you can prevent your tyre’s wearing down.

Making Every Tyre A Smart Tyre

But now the question is: Can every tyre be a smart tyre? Yes, that is possible with TREEL’s cloud-based monitoring system that could easily ensure your tyre’s temperature and pressure with timely diagnostics. With TREEL TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), you can detect the tyre’s health, detect leaks and inflation and get alerts if there is any issue. TREEL’s TPMS kit is available for bikes and cars. And each kit has its intuition TREEL CARE app that tells you to check your tyre’s health on mobile to facilitate seamless control of the tyre.

  • You get timely alerts on mileage tracking, fuel consumption, insurance renewals, servicing sessions, etc.
  • Whenever there is deflection in tyre air pressure, you get hands-free voice alerts
  • TREEL’s sensors have GPS, so your location can easily track your location. That’s why TREEL’s TPMS can ensure and monitor your vehicle’s tyre. And could extend their life. 


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Q. How does TPMS detect tyres?

A. Each tyre has its sensor so that you can detect the tyre pressure of each tyre individually.

Q. Can a tyre pressure sensor give a false reading?

A. If the TPMS light is coming on, one of the sensors gives a false reading. These can be difficult to track down and often require simultaneously replacing all sensors.

Q. How to install TREEL TPMS?


Step 1 – remove the tyre from the axel

Step 2 – deflate the tyre 

Step 3 – remove the tyre from the wheel rim 

Step 4 – pass the ss belt through the sensor

Step 5 – wrap the belt with the sensor around the tyre rim

Step 6 – join the ends with the notch on the other end 

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