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How Digital Tyre Inventory Management Is Helping.

Poorly maintained tyres can wear out earlier or even cause accidents on the road. As such, some of the biggest challenges that the industry faces today is the reliability of tyres and the problems in tyre inventory management.

To track tyre health and air pressure, many still depend on industry best practices and manual checks. But several times, there can be lapses in the process, leading to tyre-related issues in the long run. Therefore, fleet management and logistics planning require technology-aided systems to optimise this process and gain up-to-date information on the entire fleet.

TMaaS or Tyre Management as a Service, a cloud-based solution by TREEL, uses smart tyre sensors and a user-friendly app to provide fleets with detailed insights related to tyres and safety. Let us look at the rising use of digitisation in the tyre inventory management process and how smart sensors enable fleets to save costs and more.

IoT Sensors on the Rise

In India, 1.5 lakh people are reported to have lost their lives in a road accident every year. In a bid to avoid these fatalities, fleet management companies must ensure that vehicle health and maintenance are properly tracked.

Given the ease of use and hassle-free monitoring they can provide, IoT sensors and Bluetooth systems are quickly gaining steam. Here’s how these sensors are beneficial to fleet managers:

  • They can glean preventive maintenance actions based on alerts transmitted by the sensors – such as the low battery, coolant temperature, engine functioning, etc.
  • Managers can track the fuel efficiency of each vehicle via smart tyre sensors and implement useful changes to the driver’s acceleration and deacceleration patterns, breaking habits, speed control, and more.
  • Sensors allow fleets to automate and simplify operations so they may gain overall visibility on each vehicle in the fleet and make effective tracking possible.

Streamlining Processes for Extra Efficiency

The level of attention that fleet managers can provide to their vehicles and tyres using technology-aided decision-making is huge. More than that, it can help logistics companies drive down costs and liabilities.

TREEL uses in-built sensors and OBD display to provide in-depth and simplified views for fleet owners. As tyre maintenance can be easily ignored, the app’s timely alerts and interventions enable fleets to take the right action at the right time, thereby minimising downtime.

Additionally, optimised monitoring and check on tyre pressure can help improve the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency. 

The Importance of Tyre Management Software

Efficient tyre management software empowers fleets to make better data-driven decisions. This wealth of information can improve tyre performance, helping fleets get optimum efficiency and saving costs per kilometre with optimal tyre pressure.

TREEL, a JK Tyre product, has introduced its own integrated software and hardware solution called TMaaS – Tyre Management As A Service. This offering aims to replace legacy and manual tracking of tyre health and inventory with a modern, easy-to-use, and data-driven system.

TMaaS is available as both a web and mobile app so fleet owners and managers can monitor vehicle status from anywhere in the world. With this advanced solution, fleets can gain actionable benefits such as:

  • A customisable and end-to-end dashboard with real-time alerts and updates on fleet-related information. This information is collected via smart sensors and can also be exported to Microsoft Excel, PDF and other formats for reporting and analysis.
  • Cloud-based data storage to accurately track updates in real-time while also backing them up at regular intervals.
  • Advanced analytics and tracking that allow fleet managers to make decisions, including the best route to take, the most optimal time of the day to travel, costs, and more.

According to Rajiv Prasad, President India Operations at JK Tyres, “TREEL will help solve many issues related to efficiency and compromised driving dynamics. The app helps fleet managers to locate their vehicle, advise the driver to the nearest Truck Wheel centre in case of any alerts on tyre health.

“What’s more, they have also tied up with roadside assistance teams to meet the truck en route, and the app can also be used to track if a tyre has been swapped, removed, or replaced, thereby making it as foolproof as possible.”

Final Words

TMaaS is a robust and futuristic solution for tyre inventory management that is set to incorporate more features, and TREEL believes this technology can become mainstream in the near future.

With advancements in fleet management system and vehicle maintenance, logistics providers can easily gain the power of analytics to make an informed decision, which will help save money and reduce breakdown issues significantly.