Here’s an Easy Way to Ensure Road Safety and Help You Save on Tyre Costs at the Same Time!

Remember: The car is you and you are the car, okay? Let’s ride!

— Gone in 60 Seconds

Two families, the Pintos and the Krishnans, decide to go on a road trip with their kids for a fun family getaway. The Pintos are very particular about their car maintenance. Before leaving for the trip, they get their tyre pressure checked. The Krishnans go on the trip anyway, not caring much about the tyre pressure and thinking, “What’s going to happen?” 

About 100 km into the trip, when both the families are driving at the speeds of 100-120 on the highway, suddenly a truck in front of them collapsed. The Pintos, whose tyre pressure was optimal, braked and could control their car. But the Krishnans, whose tires were under-inflated, had a blowout and rammed into the divider.

Luckily, the airbags opened, and no one was badly hurt. But had the car steered to the left towards the oncoming traffic, they would have been in a major accident. It was a narrow escape — but luck may not favour everyone, every time.

As we celebrate Road Safety Week, it is important to learn about tyre pressure monitoring for your car to prevent accidents. But how can consistently monitoring your car’s tyre pressure make a difference?

Why Is It Necessary to Care For Your Tyres? 

Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to road accidents as it changes the way you brake, turn and control your car. When the tyre pressure is low, for example, more of the tyre touches the road, causing higher traction and heating than usual. This can lead to blowouts and other tyre malfunctioning issues, just like the Krishnans. Incorrect tyre pressure also wears your tyres out faster and leads to higher fuel consumption.

The best way to avoid this is by using the TREEL CARE mobile app

How Can TREEL Ensure Tyre Safety and Help Reduce Tyre Costs?

TREEL uses an innovative Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to keep you safe and reduce your tyre costs. Its smart, valve-installed sensors are attached to your vehicle and synced with the TREEL CARE mobile app, which offers a one-view to all you need to know.

Here’s a quick glance at what TREEL can do for you:

  • TREEL’s TPMS has a super-fast leak-detection and monitoring mechanism. The internal sensors are installed on the rim of the tyres with a stainless steel belt. These smart sensors allow you to keep an eye on tyre pressure 24/7 and avoid flat tyres, tyre blowouts and tyre-related breakdowns. The Krishnans could have simply opened the TREEL app and checked the pressure in a few seconds.
  • The wireless TPMS has an advanced Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet for your convenience. TREEL’s sensors also help you monitor tyre temperature and pressure (0 to 100 psi and -20 to 100 degree Celsius). This means that the Krishnan’s could have checked their car’s tyre pressure from the comfort their home, hours before the trip started. 
  • Additionally use MTrac Smart Sensor Car Kit to track your vehicle’s location, much like a vehicle GPS, get the engine on/off status and tow-away alerts around the globe. The Krishnans called for roadside assistance but kept wondering where their car was as they got back to safety. Had they used MTrac, they would have known the exact location of their vehicle. 
  • You can also opt for MPower Smart Sensor Car Kit that gives you real-time diagnostics like engine health. This is made possible with a pod that has a pre-installed, GPRS-enabled SIM card, which wirelessly connects with the TREEL CARE app. 
  • Get one-view of your fuel consumption, mileage, insurance sessions, servicing sessions, etc. and share the data with anyone. It also offers the facility of voice-notification for tyre alerts. The Pintos signed-up with the smart car system for TREEL and can access this information to keep their car in great shape, ensuring their family’s safety.
  • With TREEL CARE mobile app, you can ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated at all times and save on money. It works even in remote areas where finding a fuel station to check the tyre pressure might be difficult to find but is highly essential. While both families carried on with their trip in the Pintos’ car, they couldn’t find a station to get their tyre pressure checked on the way back. With TREEL, the Pintos could locate a station in a nearby town and avoided any further setbacks.

TREEL = Predict | Prevent | Protect

And so, the adventure begins.

— Unknown

TREEL’s wireless TPMS allows you to err on the side of the caution and ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones’ at all times, leveraging smart technology that results in smart tyres. TREEL allows you to transform your car or bike into a smart vehicle of the 21st century! 

Choose safety. Choose TREEL.

Quick Tip From Mr Treel: You get an accurate reading for your tyres only when they are cool.

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