Electric Vehicles Revolution: TPMS Sensors in Electric Vehicles 

Electric Vehicles Revolution: TPMS Sensors in Electric Vehicles 




For any private owner, the clash between sustainability and time efficiency is inevitable. Thankfully, electric vehicles have entered the market and they have reduced that to some extent. With the entry of electric vehicles into public transport, it is clear that EVs are here to stay. On that note, it becomes essential to understand how to optimize their usage with smart tyre sensors. 


What are smart tyre sensors?

Smart tyres have inbuilt sensors to monitor the essentials of the tyre like temperature, air pressure, friction, etc. These sensors are synced with smart tyre apps so that the user can monitor them. This works on a tyre pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS) technology. 


Why is TPMS important for EVs?

Vehicle users in the market have realized the importance of TPMS in the last few years. It is all the more important that it gets infused into electric vehicles for the following reasons. 

TPMS acts as a safety device

TPMS sensors help to alert the driver when the tire pressure is too low or too high, allowing for timely correction of the problem. Air pressure is important to maintain the vehicle’s balance while driving on a bumpy road. Over-inflated tyres can lead to the vehicle bouncing out of proportion, making the driver’s judgment erroneous and leading to accidents. An under-inflated tyre gives rise to friction between the tyre and the road, which can further increase the chances of the tyre cracking. Hence, TPMS plays an important role in improving the ride’s safety. 


TPMS helps in efficient energy usage

Maintaining proper tire pressure also helps to improve the efficiency of the vehicle. The rolling resistance of any vehicle directly impacts the energy or fuel consumption and tyre pressure directly impacts the ideal rolling resistance. When air pressure is monitored with a smart tyre app, ideal rolling resistance is maintained, further improving electric vehicles’ range on one charge. Under-inflated tires can reduce fuel efficiency and increase energy consumption. This becomes an important feature since EV charging points are still few and under construction. 


TPMS impacts the longevity of tyres

While overinflated tyres are at risk of bursting at the smallest instant, under-inflated tyres increase the friction by giving rise to wear and tear of the tyre. Either way, the tyre’s life is certain due to an imbalance in air pressure. Monitoring air pressure with a smart sensor like TPMS makes it easy to increase the longevity of the tyres.


Battery life

In electric vehicles, maintaining proper tire pressure can also help extend the battery’s life. When tires are under-inflated, it can increase the motor’s load, reducing the vehicle’s overall efficiency  and reducing battery life.



Proper tire pressure can also improve the handling and stability of the vehicle. When tires are under-inflated, they can cause the vehicle to handle poorly and be more prone to accidents.


TPMS is an inbuilt feature in the new range of vehicles


The importance of smart tyres has been recognized and accepted by the automobile industry for some time now. In this situation, many companies opt for TPMS to be an inbuilt feature in the future range of vehicles. This becomes an attempt towards creating energy efficient as well as safe vehicles. The types between automobile companies and tyre manufacturers are the first step to bringing in the future of smart electric vehicles.


Installing TPMS for old electric vehicles

Many people have already made purchases of electric vehicles in the past. Even though TPMS may not be a part of the in-built features, it is still possible for them to get this technology for themselves. Installing and managing TPMS in your pre-owned vehicles is extremely easy. It can simply be monitored with an app on your smartphone. The smart tyre app will keep an eye on the air pressure, temperature and notify you when one of these goes out of proportion. There are no two ways about smart tyres ruling the vehicle industry in the near future. 

TPMS sensors are essential in electric vehicles to ensure the safety and efficiency of the vehicle, as well as to improve its handling and extend the life of the battery.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does TPMS help electric vehicles? 

A. By monitoring the air pressure and temperature, TPMS helps maintain ideal tyre conditions. This results in efficient energy consumption and increases the range of vehicles; helping the vehicle to cover longer distances with a single charge. 


Q. How will I get updated about changes in air pressure?

A. TPMS readings reflect in an app on your smartphone. You can check the air pressure in that app. The app will notify you in case of a change in air pressure or temperature. 


Q. I have bought an electric vehicle. Can I install TPMS in it now?

A. Yes, it is an easy and comfortable process to install TPMS in any of your vehicles. The sensors are installed in the tyres and the readings can be monitored on the smart tyre app.