Decoding Your Tyre Health with Smart Tyres

Decoding Your Tyre Health with Smart Tyres




Saying that your tyres are fundamental for safe driving is an understatement. As the only link between your automobile and the road, where the contact area is no bigger than your palm, your tyres need to be on top of their game.

And Mr TREEL has the perfect elixir to keep your tyres in good shape – TPMS sensors! These extraordinary devices monitor your tyres to give you a handy rundown of their performance so that you can protect them from damage.

But before we dig into how TPMS works, let’s understand the importance of monitoring your tyres. 


Your Tyre Health Is Important!

It’s not uncommon for tyre-related problems like treadwear, misaligned tyres, and inaccurate inflation to crop up now and then. For individuals who travel often, are adventure freaks, or avid car or bike lovers, these tyre maintenance issues are just part and parcel of life on the road. 

The importance of proper tyre pressure cannot be understated – brakes and tyres are the cornerstones of your vehicle’s safety. When tyre pressure is maintained at the correct level, your tyres will properly absorb shocks and follow steering directions. Your tyres won’t perform well if the pressure is low or high. Hence, it’s important to have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to ensure that your tyres are always at the optimum pressure.

Different tyre pressure monitoring systems are available in the market, so it is important to choose the right TPMS for your needs. Now that we understand why maintaining proper tyre pressure is so important, let’s take a closer look at what it is and how it works.

Apart from compromising your protection on the road, poor tyre care can lead to rising fuel consumption and subsequent expenses. As such, tyre monitoring is crucial for the safety and well-being of yourself and those travelling along.


How Digitising Tyre Monitoring Can Help

In a world teeming with fascinating bike and car care accessories and gadgets, wireless TPMS sensors are essential for your vehicles.

A TPMS (Tyre Performance Management System) gives you access to real-time intelligence about the health of your tyres, such as temperature and pressure. It consists of internal sensors that gather this all-important data and wirelessly relay it to the driver. 

If you want to install the latest technology for vehicles in your automobile as well, you can officially check this wish off your list with TREEL.


TREEL Makes Tyre Monitoring a Breeze

Mr TREEL’s TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) detects tyre health hazards like leaks and inflation and promptly issues alerts to help you keep track of your vehicle’s health. In essence, this software gives you the peace of mind that your tyres are continually being looked after.

TREEL’s TPMS kits for tyre monitoring are available for bikes (Smart Tyre Sensor Bike Kit: Belt) and cars (Smart Tyre Sensor Car Kit: Valve).

Each kit comes with ​the intuitive TREEL CARE app that lets you check tyre health on your mobile to facilitate seamless control over the tyres. It offers benefits such as:

  • Timely alerts on mileage tracking, fuel consumption, insurance renewals, servicing sessions, etc.
  • Hands-free voice alerts for tyre alerts
  • Share and transfer vehicle stats with family

Here’s how TREEL’s TPMS protects you from danger while on the road:

  • The tyres are installed with battery-powered sensors.
  • The sensors detect a variation in tyre pressure or temperature.
  • They wirelessly transmit a signal to your TREEL CARE app.
  • These alerts are displayed instantly on the screen.

This way, TREEL’s TPMS enables smart monitoring to prolong your vehicle’s life and prevent unanticipated breakdowns without having to check your tyres physically.


Part of what increases the life of a vehicle is paying attention to the health of its tyres. Not only does proper tyre and car care lead to ideal fuel consumption and improve vehicle mileage, but it also ensures family safety on the road. For these reasons and more, Mr TREEL recommends you equip your automobile with TPMS products for optimum tyre health today.



Q. How does TPMS detect tyres?

A. Each tyre has its sensor so that you can detect the tyre pressure of each tyre individually.

Q. Can a tire pressure sensor give a false reading?A. If the TPMS light is coming on, one of the sensors is giving a false reading. These can be difficult to track down and often require simultaneously replacing all of the sensors.

Q. Why is my TPMS light on, but the tires look fine?

A. There are a few reasons your TPMS light might be on, but your tires seem fine. Low battery power and age-related wear and tear can cause the TPMS sensor to malfunction, causing the low tire pressure light to come on. If you’re unsure what to do, it’s always best to consult a professional to get a second opinion.