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Car and Bike Checklist: Parameters to Ensure Road Safety

Owning a vehicle is a great experience, but many dangers lurk within if you don’t take adequate road safety measures. Tyres are often overlooked, but they can affect the health of your vehicle. Maintain your tyres properly to be safe while travelling with your family.

How Tyre Condition Can Affect a Vehicle

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is a primary safety consideration of a vehicle, failing which, the following issues could develop:

Incorrect Inflation Shortens Tyre Life

Underinflated tyres make contact with the road in a non-uniform way. It results in uneven wearing of the tyre’s inner and outer shoulders. Similarly, overinflated tyres cause the centre part of the treads to wear out faster than the outer section. Thus, your tyres may last only half as long as they should.

Underinflated Tyres Increase Resistance to Rolling

An underinflated tyre creates extra resistance to rolling i.e in daily terms is friction increases and you need more of the tyre to drive the same distance you otherwise would have done with a properly inflated tyre. Just like when you ride your bicycle with low tyre pressure, you need to exert much more force while pedalling. Similarly, underinflated tyres put an extra load on your car’s engine, worsening fuel economy.

Incorrect Inflation May Cause Accidents

The sidewalls of a tyre with low air pressure tend to flex more. It causes a build-up of heat within the tyre. Excessive heat at any particular point can cause the tyre to rupture and burst suddenly, causing an accident.

An overinflated tyre, on the other hand, results in loss of traction, especially on wet roads. This can compromise the effectiveness of the brakes and cause the vehicle to skid.

Overinflated Tyres Create an Uncomfortable Ride

If the air pressure of your tyres is too high, they will behave like a bouncing ball. The sidewalls become stiff and the tread rigid. This generates undue vibrations, causing discomfort to the passengers.

Make Your Tyres Smart With TREEL

TREEL converts each of your tyres into a smart tyre via Bluetooth-powered sensors and intuitive software, enabling you to monitor your tyre pressure and temperature through your smartphone. TREEL offers MTrac and Mpower to protect and monitor your vehicle tyres.

  • MTrac: It includes wireless TPMS, which uses GPS to monitor your tyre’s parameters.
  • MPower: This feature combines TPMS with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) to monitor your vehicles, providing you with data that can boost overall vehicle performance.

The TREEL Care App provides the TREEL Wheel of Benefits as follows:

  • Receive regular updates on fuel consumption, tyre rotation schedules, vehicle servicing schedules, insurance renewals, mileage covered, and more.
  • Keep track of your tyre temperature through real-time alerts, thus avoiding tyre bursts.
  • Enables stepney rotation through reminders sent to your phone, along with useful tips.
  • Receive regular tips on correct tyre maintenance.
  • You can track your vehicle even if you are not in it, like when a valet has taken your car to park it.
  • You also get alerts on other maintenance tasks like wheel alignment schedules, balancing, and so on.

Motorcycle Safety Checklist

For all types of 2-wheelers, here is a checklist that will ensure a safe and comfortable ride:

Test Your Brakes

Adjust the play in your brakes and check the braking power. Make small adjustments before setting out, if required.

Check Tyre Pressure

Use a pressure gauge to ensure correct tyre pressure. A tyre care app like TREEL will make your task easier.

Check All Fluids

The health of transmission fluids is vital to the proper functioning of your two-wheelers.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Clogged filters can wreak havoc on the functioning of your engine. Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Maintain Your Battery

Check your battery regularly and use a trickle charger if you don’t use your vehicle for a long time.

Check Your Electrical System

Inspect the functioning of the electrical system, such as the horn, headlights, blinkers, and beepers.

Secure Your Seat

There’s nothing more irritating (and unsafe) than the pillion rider wriggling about. Maintain a comfortable seat for a smooth and safe ride.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Many two-wheelers meet with accidents through collisions by vehicles from behind. Adjust your rear-view mirrors to see traffic behind you.

Car Safety Checklist

Follow the tips in the checklist below for a safe and comfortable driving experience in your car:

Tyre Pressure and Condition

Ensure your tyre pressure is correct and keep an eye on the physical condition of your tyres. Installing a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) can help you stay on top of your tyre’s health.


Don’t wait until it rains to find out your wipers need replacement. Check them before you start.


It’s a good practice to check the functioning of your car’s brakes at low speed.

Rear-View Mirrors

Keep your rear-view mirrors clear and well-adjusted to get a clear view of oncoming traffic.

Lights and Electrical Systems

Do a complete bulb check to see that your headlights and all other bulbs are functioning correctly, as well as the electrical systems.


Check your steering occasionally in an open space free of traffic like an empty parking lot.

Hoses and Belts

Check your hoses and belts at least once a month instead of waiting for your mechanic to do it.

Dial Check

On starting your car, check all the dials, paying particular attention to warning lights and signals.


To travel safely with you and your family, it is important to maintain correct tyre pressure and keep your tyres in prime condition, among other vehicle parameters. With TREEL, you will find monitoring the condition of your tyres and vehicles fun and easy.

Mr. TREEL says: “Leave it to TREEL to look after every wheel!”

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