‘6’ things you could do to take care of your car better

We all love our wheels and absolutely would zoom away given any chance. Just like taking care of our loved ones comes with its own set of rules, “To-Dos” and a lot of dedication, here are a few ways in which you could show love to your car or bike tyres for safer and uninterrupted rides.

Find that service book and abide by it:

For all the busy bees out there, don’t let yourself into a guilt-trip each time you look at your service book. This time, make that trip to the service station and get your vehicle serviced at set intervals. This would spare you those unpleasant jerks and stoppages in your busy life.

Maintain optimum oil levels:

Just as your body needs blood flow to function, your car needs oil flow to keep its “organs” functioning. However, unlike the permanence of blood, oil in your car’s engine needs periodic replacement which is usually mentioned in the user manual.

Do not Overload:

Road trips or even sometimes well-intended carpooling may mean overloading for your car, understand that though it is a great way of saving petrol and money to carry all at once, however, it isn’t helping the longevity of your car’s wheels. Overloading puts external pressure on the wheels which combined with internal tyre pressure may hamper driving or general vehicle balance resulting in uneven and larger tyre wears.

No Road Rage:

Road raging is discouraged on two primary grounds, firstly, its fatal nature and secondly, it is bad for the innards of your car starting up from tyres and ending at engine and gearbox. Violent halts and screeches, imbalance the car damaging the tyres and gears in tow. It is highly likely for the gears to lock at the most unexpected moment or the tyres to go flat due to excessive braking or speeding.

Get Tech Savvy:

With the adoption of smart vehicles and cars, it’s about time you became a smart tyre with an inbuilt TPMS owner of even upgrade to a connected car with an OBD  as well. Car Care apps have entered the market that makes your car maintenance efficient, cost-effective and most of all convenient. Download ones that are intuitive and have a bunch of features like Car Tyre Rotation,  Mileage & Gas spend calculator, Trip Tracker and more! 

Check tyre pressure EVERY TIME you plan on taking your car out:

Shocked much? Yes, you must check the tyre pressures you plan on driving. 

And No, this doesn’t have to be a trip to the local mechanic every time you plan on taking your car or bike out. 

With TREEL Smart Tyre Mobile App you could do all of this in a single click! Treel App produces real-time tyre pressure metrics  which helps the driver to plan and economise car maintenance on routine as well as long-term basis.

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