5 Technologies Used in Vehicles for Better Performance

5 Technologies Used in Vehicles for Better Performance

We have reached a stage where technology and efficiency go hand in hand in almost every industry. The automotive sector is no exemption in this regard.  

Whether you are a car enthusiast who admires vehicles or the owner of an enterprise with a large fleet of trucks, the convenience of smart technology for automobiles is unparalleled! 

TREEL, India’s first and only wireless TPMS technology, puts the control of your vehicle’s performance at your fingertips. With enhanced safety, better mileage, and by and large a more enjoyable driving experience, there is nothing quite as advanced and easy to use as TREEL in the Indian market today.

Here is Mr TREEL’s pick of five technologies that are bound to improve your vehicle’s performance.

1. Smart Sensor Car Kit 

Tyre care for vehicles is underrated—it’s crucial to realise that a large degree of passengers’ safety is dependent on tyres. The TREEL CARE app warns you of extremely low or high levels of tyre PSi (air pressure), thus eliminating any hazards on the roads.  

A Bluetooth TPMS with sensors helps you keep track of the air pressure in your tyre through your mobile phone. A vehicle care app like this can go a long way in not only improving vehicle performance but also ensuring family safety on the road.

Moreover, you can get started with TREEL’s tyre management app in just 4 simple steps!

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2. TREEL MTrac   

Travelling to new destinations in your car or on your bike can be exhilarating! Unfortunately, your susceptibility to security risks also increases when you go to a new place. For example: 

  • Unknowingly parking in a No Parking zone, leading to the vehicle being towed away
  • Parking the vehicle and forgetting its location
  • Sudden and unexpected damage to the tyre
  • Vehicle theft

Not to worry, TREEL’s MTrac solves all of these problems and more on the free TREEL CARE mobile application! Below are the features of this accessory for road trips that make the magic happen:

  • Tow away alerts
  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Engine status

Mr TREEL also recommends this game-changing innovation in car care technology for avid travellers looking for a fun-filled but safe road trip.

The MTrac Smart Sensor Kit is available for both cars as well as bikes. 

3. TREEL MPower 

Fleet owners and managers are on the constant lookout for ways to minimise operational costs and maximise profits. If you’re in the same boat, cutting-edge innovations like Mr TREEL’s MPower Smart Sensor Car Kit will not disappoint you!  

This device from TREEL lets you access and manage your fleet’s data from anywhere in the world with just a few taps. Just like the name suggests, MPower empowers your organisation to go digital by tracking the tyres of all your fleet vehicles. 

You can now understand tyre performance over time with real-time diagnostics like overspeeding and breakdowns

4. GPS Fleet Trackers

In an enterprise, keeping track of all your fleet vehicles can be a lot of hassle. Plus, each second that passes due to downtime is equal to measurable losses for the company, not to mention penalties for the driver.

Today, state-of-the-art industrial IoT GPS fleet trackers help you keep tabs on all your vehicles in real-time! And TREEL’s Connected POD is the perfect device to help you make the most out of your fleet.

With TREEL’s fleet tyre management software, you get the added benefit of pre-installed vehicle GPS. The GPRS-enabled SIM card helps in hassle-free tracking and monitoring of your vehicles. 

In-cabin alert systems give vital updates to fleet drivers so they can be prepared for truck breakdowns (and effectively dodge penalties!)

5. Smart Sensor Bike Kit: Belt 

We often overlook the maintenance of bikes and motorcycles. But, in reality, your mopeds need it the most. For short distances, running errands, and dodging traffic-heavy areas, two-wheelers take precedence over cars. 

Getting a smart tyre sensor bike kit will ensure that your bikes are in good condition for optimum performance on the road. These wireless TPMS sensors are designed especially for two-wheelers, so you have a shield of safety every time you go for a ride.

Here Is What Mr TREEL Has to Say

Mr TREEL understands the hard but necessary work it takes to maintain the highest levels of the truck and car protection. Improving vehicle performance and safety is no child’s play, and neither is lowering operational costs. 

For the same reason, TREEL’s Tyre Performance Management System (TPMS) and tyre care app was designed to make road safety as easy as pie. These 5 technologies by TREEL, which are the first of their kind in India, will protect you no matter what.


Q. Which are the leading automotive technologies used in 2023?

A. Here is our list of the Best Automotive Technologies of 2023

                  1. Smart Sensor Car Kit

                  2.  TREEL MTrac   

                 3. TREEL MPower

                 4. GPS Fleet Trackers

                 5. Smart Sensor Bike Kit: Belt


Q. Is a TPMS really useful for your vehicle?

A. The purpose of a TPMS is to monitor tyre pressure and inform the driver when tyre pressure is low. This system can help improve driving safety by preventing blowouts and other accidents caused by underinflated tyres.


Q. Which tyres tend to wear faster, front or back?A. Most cars today are Front Wheel Drive (FWD), and the front tyres are responsible for the acceleration, steering and most braking; they tend to wear faster compared to the rear tyre.


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