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5 Key Signs to Look out for to Avoid Car Breakdowns

Do you conduct regular checkups of your vehicle, especially when going on a long journey? If yes, that’s a great habit, since every driver understands how a breakdown can bring your entire trip to a sudden halt. Even the most seasoned drivers have experienced breakdowns, and the experience is best avoided.

While we may know the basics of changing a flat tyre or managing an engine overheating, there can be advanced issues where we need a mechanic to fix the car. And in remote locations, this often becomes difficult. In most cases, the reasons for a car breakdown tend to be the minuscule things that could have been avoided with proper care.

While there is never a full-proof way to stop a car from breaking down, a few easy tips can help you discover the warning signs and take precautions to help lower the chances significantly. So, here are 5 crucial signs to look into and eliminate the chances of car breakdowns:

Cracks and Bulges on the Tyres

A crack or a bulge that goes undetected can cause a burst at high speeds or lead to your vehicle skidding during turning. Get the tyre replaced or repaired at the earliest if you notice these tell-tale signs. Advanced tyre monitoring apps can help you out here. The Bluetooth-enabled tyre sensors allow you to monitor tyre inflation and pressure, so you are alerted to any cracks in the tread well before time. 

Vibrating Steering Despite Inflating Tyres

Resonance or vibration in the steering is usually an indication of suspension problems or an issue with the tyres. It can be fixed by replacing the suspension or wheel balancing. Installing a wireless TPMS gives you real-time alerts regarding wheel rotation and speed on your phone via Bluetooth, allowing for a smoother driving experience on the road. 

Oil Spots Under Your Car

Have you noticed spots under your car? Oil or other liquids leaking from under the vehicle lead can lead to a larger issue if left untreated. Long intervals between maintenance, faulty rubber sealing, and added stress on the car’s engine checks can lead to oil leaks. Wireless TPMS can detect these leaks and provide insight into other related problems that can cause your car to breakdown. 

Engine Heats up Frequently

Overuse or the car being revved too much can lead to the car’s internal temperature increasing, leading to a breakdown. If your car engine seems to be frequently overheating or the ‘check engine’ light is always on, it may be time for a thorough inspection. OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) technology monitors various engine metrics such as overheating and can alert you before it even occurs, saving you from a serious issue.

Your Car Acceleration Sometimes Lacks Power

You may have noticed a lag in your car acceleration or heard a strange rev before the power suddenly kicks in. Any issues related to the pick up can be due to problems with the car’s transmission, and can even point towards serious issues in the engine. To steer clear of faulty car acceleration, consider installing an OBD adapter which can track engine health and acceleration times.


Car maintenance is not a one-time fix but requires you to be diligent and understand the issues before they become a major headache. To keep track of your car health and be sure of taking timely precautions, TREEL‘s advanced wireless tyre sensors are a must-have. Never worry about flat tyres when you have the intelligent TPMS (Tyre Performance Management System) that makes it easy to monitor tyre pressure, temperature and more.

Mr TREEL recommends preventive actions to help lower the risks of a breakdown or other tyre-related hassles. It’s always better to spend a few minutes on a thorough checkup than sacrifice hours to get the same issue fixed, especially when travelling!

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