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4 Key Signs That Tell You It Is Time To Retire Your Tyres

When it comes to your vehicle’s overall health and safety, tyres are a critical component. Your car’s ride quality is determined by how durable your tyres are, and driving with old or worn-out tyres can be extremely dangerous. Most often than not, it is the main cause of accidents or unwanted breakdowns.

Despite this fact, many tend to neglect tyre care and maintenance. Even with low usage, several factors have an impact on your tyres, and the smart thing to do is to upgrade when the time is right. But when is the right time to retire your tyres?

Here are some telling signs that can let you know it is time to bid goodbye to your old tyres:

1. Shaky Ride Quality or Vibrations When Driving

Has your overall ride been bumpy, or are you noticing vibrations when driving? Although ride quality does tend to deteriorate over time, with proper maintenance, the difference will be hardly noticeable. If all other functions are running normally, the shaky ride can be attributed to your old tyres, which may need an inspection. 

2. Cracks on the Tread or Sidewalls

Your top speeds and smooth handling are all thanks to your trustworthy tyres, but this constant friction will have an impact over time. Old tyres start to develop bulges, blisters or even cracks on the tread or sidewalls. 

3. Faded Colour

To a seasoned eye, the colour of your tyre is a good indicator that it may be past its prime. New tyres tend to be shiny and jet black, while a worn-out tyre will have greyish patches. Faded colours are normal due to the residue left behind by the gravel, dirt and pollution, but if your tyre has faded patches despite proper cleaning, it is a sign of old age. 

4. Large Holes or Significant Damage

Road conditions can have an impact on your tyres and are often unavoidable. Be it potholes, obstacles, uneven paths, sharp objects on the road, speed bumps, or other external factors; your tyre will need an inspection from time to time.

Sharp objects or glass getting lodged into the tyre is often the reason for the damage. Although this can be fixed, if the damage is greater than 6mm in diameter, the smart move would be to get the tyre replaced


These are some tell-tale signs that tell you when to retire your tyres, helping you avoid accidents and breakdowns in the future.

TREEL’s TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) helps detect these signs and raises alerts to help you keep track of your tyre’s health. These smart tyre sensors transmit real-time data to the TREEL CARE Mobile App so you can monitor tyre health on the go and understand when it needs to be replaced.

Apart from installing a TPMSMR TREEL suggests some simple guidelines to track your tyres, such as:

  • Replace your tyres if the running is above 80,000 km or have crossed 5 or 10 years. While proper care can increase the lifespan of your tyre, it should not be more than the suggested timeline.
  • Inspect tyres twice a month or before a long trip, and always check tyre pressure and temperature. These are the first signs that your tyre needs help.
  • Pay attention to any debris, nails, broken glass or sharp objects that may have been stuck in the tyre. If you notice any external object being lodged in your tyres, get it checked by a professional and removed at the earliest.